I Spy Something Blue - The Grown Ups (2) - I Spy Something Blue (Vinyl)

I Spy Something Blue by LeahDay · Published Septem · Updated Octo YAY!Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

colors- “I spy with my little eye something blue.”. shapes – “I spy with my little eye something square.”. numbers – “I spy with my little eye three of something.”. This would work best if you are in a room where the kids could walk around and easily count objects. letters- “I spy with my little eye the letter B.”.Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Kids probably say, “I spy something blue” and then stare directly at it, waiting for you to name the dog’s water dish, while you give chase, naming all the other minutia in the room that is blue. An I Spy bag is also a hide and seek game. I fill a 9″x9″ pouch with doll beads (PVC pellets) and someodd small dollar-store toys (baby Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Find I spy something by Jessica Thorp at Blurb Books. Even as an adult I find myself playing the child's game " I spy something " with my lens. I spied peo.

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  1. Something that’s the color red. I spy with my little eye Something that’s the color blue, Can you see it, Can you touch it, can you show it to me. I’m looking for the color blue. It could be blue like the blue of the sky, Or blue like a blueberry pie, I spy with my little eye, Something that’s the color blue. I spy .

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