Feels Like Sleep

 · Your urge for sleep will also feel unbearable. If you miss so much sleep that you’re unable to interpret reality, it’s called sleep deprivation psychosis.

 · What causes falling sensation while sleeping is the natural disengagement of the astral body (psychosoma) from the physical one, as a result of the relaxation achieved and the expansion of your energies. When we are awake, our energies keep us connected to the physical body, and as a result our bodies stay “aligned”.

It could be a few things — if it happens when you lie down (not just when you sleep), it might be vertigo. It could also be blood pressure issue (blood rushing to your head), or even a spinal pressure issue. If it only happens when you’re sleeping or almost sleeping, it could be seizure activity.

They feel an urge to move their legs and feet to get temporary relief, often with excessive, rhythmic, or cyclic leg movements during sleep. This can delay sleep onset and cause brief awakening.

 · Difficulty breathing when drifting off to sleep isn’t entirely uncommon. Central sleep apnea is when your brain doesn’t transmit the proper signals to the muscles that control your breath [1]. Sometimes you may feel tightness in your chest, while other times it could feel like you’re choking. It may seem like there’s something caught in.

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  1.  · You may have experienced sudden, jerky body movements as you drift into sleep. The sensation is common, and if paired with a dream, can feel like you’ve suddenly moved or fallen.

  2.  · You may be suffering from a sleeping disorder that’s causing odd feelings to occur while you’re trying to fall asleep. Sleep apnea could cause shortness of breath, while restless leg syndrome could cause twitching and movement. Another condition, exploding head syndrome, could be responsible for your brain ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

  3. Doesn't feel like sleep paralysis NEW by: Anonymous I've have sleep paralysis and It doesn't feel like it. This sleep gives me a good feeling, as if I'm going into a good sleep and I feel like I'm never going to wake up. As I let go of my tensed body my heart beats really fast as it's trying to wake me back up.

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