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About – The Woodcutters Son. Hi, I’m Rick. I created this blog to teach you guys all I know about woodcutting and the various gadgets involved. Now, woodcutting is a bit of a generic term I know, but basically, anything to do with cutting, chopping, splitting, storing wood, and the tools involved is my thing!

The Woodcutter's Sons One summer, near noon on the longest day of the year, a woodcutter noticed a vine of poison oak growing up the side of a young tree. He cut through the finger-thick vine, careful not to mar the bark of the slender ash on which it grew, and the next day when the leaves of the ivy had dried and curled he pulled its grasping tendrils from the tree’s side.

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1. Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet. It should be no surprise that this mini hatchet comes top of the list. Gransfors Bruk is widely known as the best axe manufacturer in the world. Their mini hatchet is made with the same attention to detail and quality as any Gransfors .

In no particular order, these American made felling axes are the best the USA has to offer and it’s a high quality offering! 1. Council Tool Velvicut Premium American Felling Axe. Velvicut Premium felling axe on Amazon. This axe is forged from grade alloy steel for strength, toughness, and durability.

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